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New Goal

Pound the Pavement This morning on Facebook I ❤ to Run posted the following status update: “Think running is awesome? Try writing names/words.situations on the sole of your shoes before a long run. I pound leukemia into the pavement at least once a week!! Angela Grace Morris” Brilliant! Why haven’t I thought of that? So … Continue reading

Today’s Celebration

Olena, for all that went wrong today, did awesome at her follow-up appointment at the Ears, Nose, Throat clinic at Upstate University Hospital. We have been back and forth to the ENT/ER/OR since Olena was 9 months old due to bronchial stenosis which caused her to get croup at the drop of a hat. Today we … Continue reading

Finally, Good News

Paging Doctor Mom (and Dad) When dealing with ongoing health issues, especially when you’re in the thick of things, it seems like your problem — whatever it may be — may never be resolved. Well, guess what, we’re finding out that good things do come to those…who wait. Since Olena was about 9 months old our … Continue reading