Posted in October 2015

LOOK at that SMILE…and remember it

LOOK at this smile… because come tomorrow…with the rain predicted and the high winds to our north… this will be hard to come by.. And we also have three straight days of rain predicted Could spell trouble!!! be afraid… But remember that face…

A Winning Weekend

Each year we have attempted to go to the Great Swamp Conservancy’s Halloween party. Each year we have different challenges to deal with. The first year we went, for example, it proved to be way too much for Theo and he retreated to the van while the girls and daddy went through the various exhibits … Continue reading


Most kids love pizza. Or chicken nuggets. Sure, we love them too. But NOTHING speaks to my girls quite like some kielbasa, pierogi (varenyky) dressed in butter and onions and served with a dollop of sour cream, and rye bread. Smachnoho!!

Dental Visit: Code Orange

So it’s been a few up and down days with the Boss and my anxiety hit the roof because we were due for, oh lawrd, a visit to the dentist. Now the Boss has long had MANY problems with his teeth. Basically, with anything head-related in general it’s a mess. He can’t tell us what is … Continue reading

Ask me About My Daughter’s Experience

 “NYSDOH – New York State Health Department September 29 at 9:48am · Whether alone or grouped together (such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella), ‪#‎vaccines‬ don’t cause autism. All recent studies prove this.” I am PRO VACCINE How could you not be? In this day and age, we know that vaccines keep our children safe AND … Continue reading

Dreaming, Always Dreaming

Ever since I can remember I have had the weirdest dreams… I remember being about 4 or 5, being terribly ill with a fever, and having a dream while my mom (Grandma Millie) cooled me off with water and alcohol which is totally not allowed these days. During that period, between waking and just being … Continue reading