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Thank you November

If you don’t follow my page on facebook… you haven’t seen my thankful list. I thought I would post again. It’s a nice, little reminder of everything we have to celebrate. Of course, I couldn’t find days 1 and 2, but here is what I posted. Enjoy! Thank you November, day 3: a night out … Continue reading

Extremes: We’ve Got It

Last week was a hectic week… (Wait, let that sink in. Every week is a hectic week.) Ok, really, in the Mylifeintriplicate household, last week was crazy. Not only did we have a change in schedules with the holidays, the time off from school, but add ridiculous molar pain to the list…and it was just … Continue reading

Goodbye October

So I was out of blogging commission, if you will, for almost a month.. Let’s just say it was a rough month in the Mylifeintriplicate household. ON top of the fact that four out of five of us, that being me and the triplets all were out for a WEEK with a nasty virus, things … Continue reading