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Can running be fun again?

I’m a runner. Not just a runner, but a distance runner. But for three years now, almost to the day, I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinitis. At first it was just in my left ankle. Now it’s in both. I saw a specialist and right off the bat they told me I’d need surgery. Problem … Continue reading

Soapbox: Running And Pain Posts

*Drags box across floor, stands on top… I am a runner. There, I said it. I basically have been running for as long as I can remember. My first official “Turkey Trot” I completed in a pair of Mary Janes. That was elementary school. During my early running career all you really needed was a pair of sneakers … Continue reading

More Than a Race

Back in December, when I purchased my winter running gear at Fleet Feet Syracuse, the staff member talked about how he biked and that the gear I selected often kept him warm on the coldest of days. During the conversation I mentioned I ran, but my husband rode, he interrupted me to tell me about … Continue reading

#Autumn Advantage

So after last nights all-out-shouting-and-no-soccer war, I very tenderly and gently suggested to take the girls out to the track tonight to burn off some energy. I figure that part of the reason why Gretchen is having these meltdowns is — and I’m assuming here — that Theo is taking up a lot of time … Continue reading

NUMBERS numbers…

Drop everything and pay attention to the following important numbers. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Thanks. Here goes…. High temperature right now: 48 degrees Time I started this post: 10:16 p.m. My age: Shut your mouth 😉 Kidding. 40 although for some reason I always tell people I’m 27. I have to bump that number up a … Continue reading

It’s a Wonderful Run

It’s December and we’ve made it past 12/12/12 with no incidents. We even made it through another race in Seneca Falls. On Saturday I joined my sisters and their families in running the It’s a Wonderful Run 5K in Seneca Falls, NY. For the weekend the town is decked out in honor of the classic … Continue reading

Dear 15 year old Alexia

CNN did a feature today — in honor of International Day of the Girl — where they asked famous women to respond to the following: “To my 15-year-old self,’ Things I Wish I Known.” And that got me thinking…what would I tell myself? Waaay back in 1987…. Dear Lexi (Let’s See, Turkey Legs, Beaker), It’s me, from the … Continue reading

Bike Ride to the Moon

With the stars all glinting in the shiny Chrome Then I suddenly remembered what I left at home Now I shan’t be  peddling any higher ‘Cos a  sharp sputnik has given me a cosmic flat tyre Read more: XTC – BIKE RIDE TO THE MOON LYRICS Thank you XTC It has been quite the eventful weekend: Rob … Continue reading