Posted in September 2012

Grandma Millie

I had wanted to post this around Mother’s Day and I just rediscovered this. I wrote this in honor of my mom’s 80th birthday. I thought I’d share it with you all. I hope someday my kiddos will make a list like this for me. 80 things we LOVE about Mom/Grandma (in no particular order) … Continue reading

Halloween Invite: Fine Print

I wish our friend Daniel was in the house tonight. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have thought of Olena’s performance. Daniel plays soccer with the girls. He would like to have some friends over to his house for a small Halloween party. And his dad suggested he ask the Gretchen and Olena … Continue reading

Could be Teeth, Could be Allergies

OR we may never know…again. Theo and I stayed home yesterday. He was running a fever, but quickly recovered. And then tore through the house until we left to pick up the girls in the afternoon. He was exhausted as was I. So, this morning, when he seemed to act more like himself, we dressed him … Continue reading

One Month In, One Down

It was only a matter of time… this year we made it about a month…a record for us! I  am sitting here with Theodore as he is running a fever. He usually bundles way up and night so for him waking up feeling toasty is normal. But he didn’t eat much yesterday or the day before for … Continue reading

Nothing is Perfect

“Nothing is perfect, only the creator is perfect.” I need to remind my darling daughter of that fact. Miss Olena, as of late, has been very grumpy toward me, toward Gretchen…and this can be because A) She is getting sick. She usually brings everyone down as she gets worse and worse. I hope it’s not … Continue reading

Catching UP

I’m going to keep this short… Past week or so, as Theo has been dealing off and on with the oncoming of molars (I hate teeth)… He has been sleeping a solid 8 hours at night after getting a dose of melatonin. Hooray. Only thing is that solid night of sleep starts around 7:30 p.m. … Continue reading

I Hate Mornings

My kiddos are in Kindergarten. With that, comes the, dreaded…morning routine from HELL!!!Why, you ask, is it so hard to get three 5-year-olds out the door each day? Even after doing this for a year?? How can that be? The house is chaos from the time we get up until Theo’s bus comes (he get’s … Continue reading


Sometimes you just need to talk to your mom. My mom is 82 and lives in New Hartford. It’s particularly hard to call her sometimes, especially after yesterday’s meltdown. Part of me wants to not share it with her but I know she wants to know. Part of me holds back because if she lived … Continue reading