Posted in July 2013

Running, Running ….sprinting?!

The Boilermaker, believe it or not, has come and gone. I was so very honored to run as part of the Charity Bib team for the Oneida-Lewis ARC. While not the ARC we deal with (we live in Madison County), we know how important this organization is to so many families like us, and so many kids … Continue reading

Water Transforms

Just look at how calm water can be: For Theodore a bath, or a visit to the pool, just changes everything. This kid, like most autistic kids, is drawn to the water. It transforms him. If he’s not feeling all that great. Add water. Different kid. If he is unruly and, my new phrase, his … Continue reading

Castoff! And That’s a GOOD thing.

The Summer of 2013 will no doubt be remembered as the summer of the purple cast. Now Olena has finally adjusted well and is no longer taking EVERYTHING out on mommy (I was not there when the break happened). She has had to endure watching her sister swim in the community pool even though she, too, was … Continue reading

Mom’s Night Off

And so… what to do when your husband is out on the town (at the Melvin’s concert with his buddies…) and the kiddos are in bed…and the Melatonin has finally kicked in…(Theo’s weather-alarm was on full display thanks to Mother Nature). Bath?! ah, yes, luxuriating in our claw footed tub, surrounded by rubber duckies and … Continue reading