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Welcome September

So much goings on here in the MLIT HH that I’m not sure I could write about it all. My kiddos are still home but school starts for them on Thursday. All in person that day at least. From there, we have to outline who is doing what, and where. Are they online? In person? … Continue reading

The two-step shuffle that keeps coming to mind

As a family that’s graduated from the NICU we’re very aware of the saying: “One step forward, two steps back.” Leaderonomics discusses the origin here Little did I think that this would be the ongoing phrase in our house. No matter what we do, when we move forward — swoop — along comes something to … Continue reading

New wheels. New freedom.

Look out world — Theodore is on the move. This spring we had looked into getting Theodore an adaptive bike. The model we were looking at was a custom tandem bike featuring a driver in the back, and Theo in the front. The price range for this sweet ride was in the thousands. Not to … Continue reading

Full-time job seeker

That’s me — full-time job seeker. On top of what life throws my way as a wife and a mom, I am constantly seeking a position that can help me pay bills and give me the flexibility to manage my other FT 24/7 job. (A mom’s job is never done. And the pay is terrible…but … Continue reading

Making memories: one filling at a time

Recently, a friend gifted me a few pounds of potatoes. Not just any potatoes mind you. These are ORGANIC potatoes from Zilnicki Farms. They’re based on Long Island. And although CNY is known for growing a pretty good potato (Canastota is known for onions and potatoes), these gems from the earth are gold! This, of … Continue reading

Lesson learned

My companion Facebook page jumped in likes yesterday and now I’m connecting with 500+ folks. Thanks for joining me. And welcome!! Yesterday you joined me on a day where someone forgot the power of Social Media and the Internet. It was a lesson I learned back in junior high: DON’T PUT IT IN WRITING and, … Continue reading