Easter Bunny Success

You Never Know Until you Try

I saw the twitter feed weeks ago: Breakfast with the Bunny. Rosamond Gifford Zoo. No mall lines. Breakfast. The Zoo!!

Gretchen LOVES bunnies and has a favorite bunny friend by the name of Toby. Olena would be OK. She’s a ham for the camera anyway, so she’d do it to put a good word in for herself for some Easter goodies. Theodore? Well, he’s always the wild card.

I called to make reservations and explained to them that although we will be buying tickets for breakfast, Theo wouldn’t eat any offerings and instead we would need to have his food heated up. After a few checks, they said it would be no problem. They would welcome Theo to the event and even heat his food up for us too.


The Big Day

We didn’t tell the kiddos about the Breakfast until after their birthday (it was part of their birthday gift) and the girls were so excited they were jumping up and down. Gretchen was so excited you couldn’t understand a word that was coming out of her mouth, and her smile was a big as the moon!

That morning we got going as early as possible and I got to listen to Gretchen talk THE WHOLE WAY THERE about the Easter Bunny.

“I think he will be white.”
“Maybe he’ll be black too.”
“What do you think he will eat for breakfast? Maybe carrots? Maybe some lettuce too. Bunnies love salad.”
“Ma, do you think he drives a carrot car. I think he does. But I don’t see it on the Thruway. I have to keep a look out for that carrot car.”

(NOTE: The carrot car conversation took up 20 minutes of the ride. I explained that she may have to ask EB if he has one. But he may not since the event is at the zoo, and he may live at the zoo, so he may have walked to the event. Etc.)

Couldn’t Ask for Better

We arrived just before the 11 a.m. start and families were already seated and the food was ready to go. And soon after we checked in, one of the staff members (I wish I remembered names — they were all so helpful) heated up Theo’s food and we were all eating at the table. The venue was nice and bright, and not too loud, and roomy enough to allow Theo to do some exploring while not interrupting other families and Eater Bunny aficionados at the event.

First I couldn’t believe he was actually eating his pasta at the venue. The girls were picking at their breakfast (they were too busy looking out for the bunny).

And then as if by magic, hopping out of the shadows and making the rounds at each table: THE EASTER BUNNY!

Olena would glance up and watch the bunny with careful, calculated moves — eating her Danish, taking a break to see where that bunny was, eating some more.

Gretchen, mouth wide open, could NOT take her eyes off the bunny. (Wait until you see the pics.) She was just in awe.

Theo, eh, didn’t pay much attention. After all he already decided to sit down in the bunny throne before the big rabbit made his appearance.

All Went Well, Except…

Overall the girls did great — as I knew they would. But Theo was getting a bit antsy as the crowd began to form for the EB. (Mind you, it was a small line, but long enough and close enough to our seat to make him a nervous.) He took a bite of banana and that’s when I saw that look on his face….

Oh no. He has too much in his mouth. He’s going to blow… YUP. Man your stations mom, and grab the tissues…this is not good!

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…but as a friend pointed out, it’s better than choking. And in a room filled with families and little kids, even thought I felt all eyes were on me and Theo, I really don’t think anyone noticed (but now they know!). I cleaned him up the best that I could (table too). I then had him stand up on a chair and rock with me. I sang along to the Easter Parade hit list as we rocked and he completely calmed down, and he started humming too.

(And, bonus, the girls were with daddy in the bathroom, so they missed the unfortunate incident!)

So, all things considered, it was another successful event!!

And after the breakfast and pictures with the bunny, we went outside and explored the zoo on a very brisk but sunny April day. Another successful family outing! Another successful breakfast with other families in public. Another victory for us.

Just as long as we know not to push, and know how to recover if things go wrong, I can’t ask for anything more.

And the smiles on the kids’ faces, and on ours too, made it all the more worth it!


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