Hotel is Booked

ATTENTION: MY 40TH BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! And I would REALLY REALLY love to celebrate it by going to see, live in concert, once again…


The Whole Love

Wilco just announced (ok, not just, but freshly announced) new North American tour dates including a stop at the awesome Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Call it impulsive, slightly stalker-ish, and a bit crazed, but I already booked a hotel room for that weekend and I don’t even have tickets yet.


But I must go. I really don’t ask for much. And this would be an awesome birthday present.

My Music History

I’ve grown up a lot when it comes to music. A child of the 70s and product of the 80s, I remember listening to polkas as a kid and dancing up a storm at picnics and Ukie events. Heck I was singing in the church choir (in Ukrainian) by age 5. Mom says I have the cutest Ukie accent. Just don’t ask me to speak it… yikes. So much easier to sing it.

But that was just the beginning. Music was all around me

  • My mom and dad sang a lot… all the time. And when I was supposed to be sleeping on the couch after a.m. kindergarten my mom would have the AM GOLD station on… Still makes me sleepy but I love it. Brings me back to a very safe time when there truly was no worries.
  • Then there were the nights when I’d sneak up and put my ear to Bo’s bedroom door to hear mostly the Kansas blaring on the radio (and him singing along out of tune).
  • I also remember all the good sounds coming out of Lesia’s room. Sneaking into her room to play some of the best records in her collection: The Beatles, The Police, and, yes, The Bay City Rollers!!
  • John liked Michael Jackson. There, I said it. But that was the “Bad” era. I made fun of him, but it was still cool.
  • With MaryAnn it was The Go-Gos. She and her friend brought me and my bestie from high school, Chrissy, to see Robert Palmer and Belinda Carlisle… my first concert at the Stanley. Awesome. I think I couldn’t hear out of my right ear for three days afterward. We had like second row seats. Just awesome…
  • And, my heart be still, I loved me some Duran Duran! And pretty much anything New Wave 80s ish.

I still love listening to all those eclectic tunes, but discovered punk rock alternative indie etc. thanks to those mixed tapes Rob used to send to me when we were dating, and all the time I spent at WPNR at Utica College.

My, how my listening palette has changed…

And so today, all day, I’ve been dreaming about WILCO and this show in Cooperstown.

I guess I will have to figure out logistics later.

But at least I have found a place to lay my weary head after the show… While not in California, it should be an excellent night in Cooperstown.




6 thoughts on “Hotel is Booked

  1. Had to Google Wilco tour dates….I’m putting the “trips” on my to-do list for 7/28. Please tell me it’s not bath night…and that there will be additional help (Jean!!!)
    Oddly enough, I was asked yesterday to dog sit in June…my daughter is headed to a concert at Ommegang in Cooperstown! (Cake? Wilco? Who are all these people?:)

    • I love Cake too… and have seen them in concert serveral times. Yes, Jean and her mom, Yvonne, will be helping out. They would love to have the company. It’s too far out to tell if it’s bath night yet…Thanks Betsy!

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